Hey y'all! We're Jasmine & Kyla of Corkscrew Curiosities! ✨

Here's our story...

We are the granddaughters of Anna Jane Stanley, who once owned Corkscrew Deli at the corner of Main & 1st Street here in beautiful Downtown Henderson, Kentucky. She was so proud of her business & we still have people tell us their favorite sandwich order from the Deli. While we were growing up, she never missed a weekend taking one or all of us to yard sales and thrift stores. We would help her hunt for yard sale signs and hold the newspaper to scour the ads for treasures as she drove. She taught us how to dig for treasure and gave us our love of picking through barns, boxes and everything in-between. It's our dream to be just around the corner from our Nana's deli, carrying on her legacy of small business and treasure hunting. We "opened our doors" online in July of 2020 and our shop inside The Elm on Halloween 2020, then on South Green Street in November of 2021, and into our current space at 111 North Main in August 2022, and we've been so grateful for the support behind our growth. Thank you for supporting our generational passion and family owned small business - we couldn't do it without you.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of stuff do you sell?

At Corkscrew Curiosities, we sell all manner of vintage, antiques, oddities, and handmade. It’s difficult to describe our aesthetic, because we simply stock the store with things that catch our eyes. We’ve tried to create a space that we’d love to shop in.

But if we had to break it down, we carry a selection of ethically sourced oddities (wet specimens, mounted insects, art, antique and vintage medical and funerary, fossils & natural history, etc.), carefully curated vintage and antiques (mid century, 60s and 70s kitsch, wall hangings, knick knacks, ephemera, books, clothing), and beautiful handmade items (some created by us, some created by local and national artists and makers). We work with several small businesses and local artists to bring you items that would be great to keep for yourself or give as a gift.

We source items constantly, so the store has new things all the time. You truly never know what you’ll find in the Curio.

Do you purchase items?

We get calls daily asking if we purchase items - and the answer is yes! We'd love to look at your items to see if it's something we'd be interested in. Here's a few notes on our process, and how we've found to be the most efficient way for both us and our customers to look at what you have.

1. Please first text or email photos of the items you have available, even if it's just a wide shot of rooms / storage units / barns full of stuff. You can text (270) 883-2626 or email corkscrewcurio@gmail.com with photos or a description of the items you have available! You can also message us on Facebook or Instagram. We like to get an idea of what you have so we can let you know ahead of time if it's something we'd be interested in!

2. After we review pictures, we can then set up a time for you to come in, or for us to come look at the items depending on the circumstance. Due to limited space, we ask that you don't bring in items for us to look at without an appointment so we can make sure we are also able to serve our customers. We appreciate your understanding about this!

3. If you call or text outside of normal business hours, we will return your call or text when we're back in the shop. If you call or text during our business hours, we promise we'll answer if and when we're able! Sometimes the shop is busy and we aren't able to answer right away.

We have limited time available on Fridays and Saturdays for customers to bring in items they’re selling - those are our busiest days and it’s difficult to look over items and still serve customers. We can make arrangements - so feel free to reach out!

A common question we're asked is "what kind of items do you look for?" We greatly encourage you to come take a look at the shop to get a good idea of the items we look for! We look for a variety of vintage, antiques, and oddities. We are always willing to take a look at what you have, and we'll always be up front if it's something we aren't interested in. Feel free to send photos anytime you come across anything you think we may like!

- Jasmine & Kyla

What is my item worth?

We often have people bring in items for us to appraise. We always try to be as helpful as we can, but we are not an appraisal company nor do we have any formal appraisal licensure.

If it’s one item that we can take a quick look at and give you a basic ballpark estimate on value from our existing knowledge, we’re happy to help in an informal and informational capacity. However, if multiple items are involved, or it takes time to research and compile information (including sold comps, etc.), we do have to charge for our time. If it’s something that isn’t in our wheelhouse, we will absolutely let you know and try to point you in the right direction of someone who may be able to help you better. We do ask that you contact us via email or text before bringing anything in, as some days the shop is busier than others!

With that being said, we will not gatekeep how to research the value on your vintage and antiques. We have a full guide on valuing your vintage and antiques coming very soon in both text and video formats! We wish we could help everyone that walks in the door, but unfortunately our limited time and space just doesn’t allow for that.